With the recent developments in instructional technology, there is a wide variety of new modes of course delivery (web-assisted, blended, hybrid, online, and accelerated, etc.)

The Young Insurance Professional Programme courses will be entirely online in an Asynchronous Mode: learners will begin and complete their courses at different times and at their own pace.

Trainees participating in the Young Insurance Professional Programme are thus expected to have basic computer skills.

Each participant will be provided a login name and password.

Course duration in continuous session to last approximately 1-3 hours. However, it will be possible to stop and restart the course, subject to a limited time period of  21 calendar days.;

After each session multiple choice questions will be asked, and the participant will choose from a selection of possible answers. For each selection made, the course will provide a comment as to why the answer was right or wrong.

The course will provide optional voice over for all text so that the participant can hear as well as read.

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